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From experience, we see consistent positive results when students get one on one assistance. However, we also saw that for some students, large gaps in academic skills had led some of them to become discouraged with school. This disheartening experience made us realize that tutoring could be a valuable intervention when students first start to fall behind.


I am an aspiring teacher but I already have countless experiences working with learners of all types and ages. 
I wanted to start a tutoring business so that tutors and students can both reach their full capacity. I learned that sometimes, all it takes is a slight push before wonderful change starts happening.

Christopher Su

I was a high school teacher in Toronto for almost ten years, and I also have extensive experiences in coaching a variety of sports. 
It is my hope that ATS can assist students early in their academic challenges and make education a positive experience for both parents and students.

Ken Cheung

I want to help the community and kids fill in the gaps they are experiencing in academics to help them achieve their goals. I hope to utilize our passion to help kids succeed - whether they are staff or clients - to make a positive impact in their life-long learning journey. In the end, I aim to serve, strengthen, and support the community we live in.

Len Santos


We are a team of community-centered educators who strive to work with local organizations to provide tutoring to learners of all backgrounds and abilities. 

Beyond improving academic performances, what sets ATS apart from other tutoring services is that we work with students, caregivers and other stakeholders to promote emotional resilience and self-confidence which are vital tools that will lead to success in our students’ lives beyond schooling.   

Through our experiences in various education and community service settings, we came to understand that treating people respectfully and fairly is of utmost importance.  ATS’s top priority is to be transparent with our clients and treat our tutors well.  Our tutors receive extensive training before they start, continual support and generous compensation.

Lastly, we recognize that when a student is falling behind, it is often not their fault. There are so many factors that influence a student's ability to learn, but unfortunately, many classrooms adopt a 'one size fits all' method of classroom instruction. This leaves many students struggling academically, and facing self-confidence issues. However, at ATS, we hope to provide the tailored education each student needs to the point where they no longer need our assistance anymore.