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And how we help our students in the following subject areas

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Language (grades 1-8)

Understanding the nuances of the English language is highly important as it paves the foundation for clear and concise communication - both written and verbal. Our tutors can help by spotting issues in the student's writing and then provide constructive feedback. The goal is to boost their level of writing beyond their peers. In addition, we will prepare our students for high school English by ensuring they can adequately make text-to-text/self/world connections.

Reading a Magazine

Math (grades 1-12)

Being proficient in numerical literacy helps to solve basic and complex mathematical problems in the real world. This is especially important for our younger students, as it allows them to confidently tackle realistic math problems such as calculating taxes, finding precise measurements, and discovering the best deals and rates. Our math tutors are here to thoroughly work through all types of mathematical problems by guiding students step-by-step. We wish to foster a love for math and the competency to utilize math in their everyday lives.

Solving Math Problem

English (grades 9-12)

High school English goes beyond simply writing essays. Crafting masterfully written pieces of work requires a deep analysis of the text(s), and that can only be done by utilizing a high degree of critical thinking. Learning to be a critical thinker is especially useful in this day and age of biased news and social media commentary. Our tutors who studied English at a post-secondary level are trained to apply various critical lens and teach our high school students to see past surface-level analysis and prepare them for writing undergraduate-level essays. 

Student Paper Writing

Science (grades 1-12)

To understand science is to understand the world around us - from how plants convert CO2 to O2 using sunlight and water, to how their own bodies fight off infections and viruses. The natural world is as interesting as it is complex, which is why our passionate science tutors are devoted to helping our students understand scientific concepts using a multitude of teaching methods. Being able to visualize and fully comprehend concepts and processes in our world will allow them to see the interconnectedness between the fields of chemistry, physics, and biology. 

Science Class
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